Good Drug Rehabs In Singapore

Before looking at some good drug rehabs in Singapore, it is important to look at some background information about drugs, drug laws and drug use in Singapore. First and foremost, it is important to note that Singapore has very harsh drug laws in comparison to most countries in the world. For instance, Singapore’s Drug Act gives the judiciary powers to give harsh sentences i.e. execution in cases where offenders are found with large amounts of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Law enforcers also implement the law effectively without fear or favor This has greatly helped in reducing drug related crime in Singapore to the extent that rehabilitation services aren’t in high demand.

According to recent statistics, drug abuse tendencies are below 1% of Singapore’s total population. This is an extremely low tendency rate compared to UK’s 8.2%. It is therefore hard to find good rehabs offering above average drug rehab services. This shouldn’t however be taken to mean it is impossible to get a good rehab in Singapore. If your focus is getting a good rehab that will offer you above average services, this article is for you. Below are some good drug rehabs in Singapore.

1. Focus Pilates Drug Rehab Center

This is one of Singapore’s above average drug rehab centers. The rehab is located on Malacca Street (20). Focus Pilates Drug Rehab Center focuses on offering all its clients specialized drug rehabilitation programs. This ensures that patients get the best drug rehab treatment services as well as supporting services such as; group reformer training, fitness training, physiotherapy, etc. which are essential for proper healing. Apart from offering some of the best drug rehab services, Focus Pilates also has some of the best drug rehab professionals. The rehab is also reasonably priced compared to most drug rehabs overseas.

2. City Harvest Rehab

This is another good drug rehab in Singapore. Located in Temasek Boulevard (8), the rehab offers some of the best community drug rehab services in Singapore. If you are interested in a rehab that has incorporated drug treatment programs with engaging community projects, City Harvest is the rehab for you. The rehab offers excellent community support services after drug rehabilitation treatment to help recovering addicts find purpose in life. The rehab is ideal for all age groups i.e. children, youth and elderly. If you are looking for a drug rehab in Singapore that offers effective highly interactive drug rehab programs, City Harvest Rehab is the best drug rehab for you.

3. Association for Persons having Special Needs (APSN)

APSN is another good drug rehab in Singapore. This rehab is the best for drug addicts with special needs i.e. disabled addicts or addicts with severe medical conditions. Located in New Upper Changi Road, the rehab offers one of the best drug rehab program varieties in Singapore. Drug addicts with special needs are assured of getting medical as well as physical and emotional support until they succeed in conquering addiction. APSN’s mission is catering for addicts especially those with special needs to ensure they recover fully and realize their full potential.


In summary, the above rehabs are among the top (above average) rehabs in Singapore. It is however important to note that there are many other good rehabs in Singapore based on other criteria i.e. price, location, etc. It is therefore advisable to do further research to ensure you get a drug rehab that serves you best.


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